The Machineries is the soul of Factory. Powerful Machinery not only determinates the factory’s production scale and also turn the factory to success.

Nowadays, Powerful machine mean less error, high speed and accuracy with computing measurement. South Star purchased set of powerful machineries in producing various glass products for different projects need.

Below is South Star major machineries showing how well we are.


Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving is using lasers to engrave on or inside glass panels or glass block which can has 3D effect when lighted up.

Digital Ceramic Printing Machine

The Ceramic Printing Inks are fused into the glass, providing unmatched resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather. Precise micro-drop printing allows accurate photorealistic and graphic designs.

UV Printing Machine


  • Sharp Colour
  • Stereoscopic Image
  • High Resolution
  • High Flexible to match interior designer & architects need


Heat Soak Test Oven

Size Specification
(Max.)  3,300mm x 7,000mm
Quality Standards
Conforming to BS EN 14179-1 : 2005, the European standard and PNAP APP037

Flat spot-free glass tempering machine

SIze Specification
(Max.)  3,300mm x 7,000mm
Thickness of Tempered Glass 
(Min. Thickness)   5mm 
(Max. Thickness)  25mm
Thickness of Heat Strengthened Glass
(Min. Thickness)   4mm 
(Max. Thickness) 12mm
Quality Standards
- Conforming to ASTM C1279 & ASTM C1048, the American standard
- Conforming to ANSI.Z97.1 - 2009, the American standard
- Conforming to BS6206, the British standard
- Conforming to AS/NZS 2208 : 1996, the Australia standard

Glass Laminating Machine


    Flat Glass Lamination - Size Specification
  • (Max. Size) 3300mm x 7000mm
  • (Min. Size) 300mm x 300mm




    Curved Glass Lamination - Size Specification
  • (Max. Size) 3300mm x 7000mm
  • (Min. Size) 300mm x 300mm


Silk Screen Printing Machine


    Size Specification
  • (Max.) 3300mm x 7000mm
  • (Min.) 300mm x 300mm


Water-jet Cutting Machine

Accurately cutting and hole opening for desirable size

Pattern Film Cutting Machine

Remove the sand blasting pattern area before sand blasting

Hot Treated Glass Workshop


    Size Specification
  • (Max. Size) 2000mm x 2800mm | 1700mm x 4200mm
  • (Min.Size) 300mm x 300mm


Edge Polishing Machine


    Size Specification
  • (Max. Size) 3300mm x 7000mm
  • (Min. Size) 300mm x 300mm
  • (Max. Thickness) 25mm


CNC Edge Polishing Machine


    Size Specification
  • (Max.Size) 2400mm x 4000mm
  • (Max. Thickness) 25mm


Glass & Mirror Cleaning Machine


    Size Specification
  • (Max. Size)3300 mm x 7000 mm


Hand Polishing Machine


Polishing Machine for small pieces